Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finally, a "compelling" reason to vote yes for Lisbon

Despite the shameful lack of information and open debate on the Lisbon treaty provided by the government, it is good to see that some people at least are making an effort to present the facts as they are.

This is what the new young Fine Gael flyers in support of the Lisbon treaty, which are currently circulating around my college, look like. Now, not to mind the fact that they are incredibly patronising towards young people, I really don't see what some greased-up guy in Speedos (in a fecthing Euro blue too mind) has to do with the Lisbon treaty or the issues involved. It is eye-catching I'll give them that.

From what I can gather, this seems to be suggesting that a vote for the treaty will positively effect the endowment of a certain area of my body and presumably transform me into some sort of sex demigod. Gee, those Eurocrats think of everything don't they? It's nice to know they've got my back. What's next, a date with Angelina Jolie for every male prospective voter? Fantastic, I'm sold anyway.

And just so the ladies don't feel left out; want bigger breasts? Well, vote for Lisbon!

Hey why have a meaningful debate when you can get implants instead? Brilliant, just brilliant. Is this supposed to distract us from the fact that a vote on a treaty of vital importance is just around the corner?
Stay sharp people, we are being taken for a ride.

Now, where did I leave my Speedos?

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