Friday, April 18, 2008

Explain Please

Ok, so this whole mating scene confuses me once more. I was out at the pub last night when I was approached by a girl around my own age who pointing to corner of the bar, told me that her friend liked me. Hmmm...Wow this seems a little too good to be true I think to myself.

Now taken aback (and being a pansy at the best of times), I basically chicken out of approaching the girl straight away, and then lose sight of her.

While berating myself for having no balls, the girl who told me of her friend's interest, approaches me once again and, clearly not remembering me, points to another girl and says that she too has an interest in me that may go beyond platonic relations. Wow that sure seems lucky, I think to myself, I hadn't realised that short, freckled and shy was in this year (everybody go, "awww":D).

When I tell this girl that she had said the same thing to me minutes earlier about another "friend", she realises the game is up, curses at herself for being found out, and incredibly, says something to the effect of, "ah sure try it on with her anyway, it would make my night". What the F**k??!

I wasn't aware of this new sport that involves setting up guys with girls that have no interest in them and watching them inevitably crash and burn.

Well I'm glad to be of some entertainment bitch.

This girl did the same thing with one of my friends as well, so there was no doubt that her game was to raise guys’ expectations and then dash them for the laugh, not to mind embarrassing the shit out of her friends (that is if she even knew these girls).

Can someone explain to me what this is about? Does this sadistic, spiteful crap happen often out on the town? Thoughts? Anyone??

Luckily I managed to dull my seething rage with several pints of bland, overpriced, piss water beer. God, I love the Irish pub scene.

Anyone heading out tonight?


B said...

sounds like a schoolyard, y'know the way knacker girls annoy the shy fellas going to them and asking "will you shift her blah blah blah".

one of them once came up to me when I was in a bad mood, said "will you shift me?"... I said "alright" and grabbed her and lunged towards her just to scare the shit outta her

...t'was great.

jothemama said...

Jesus! Evil and fiendish!

Jus said...

Jaysis that's harsh. She's obviously completed retarded and a bad bitch. We're not all that bad, I promise!

John Power: said...

Thanks for all the comments.Of course I know you are all not that bad. Life would be much poorer without you guys. Jaypurs, imagine a world without the ladies..scary stuff indeed. T'would be dull!

There are more than a few pricks on the male side to be fair. Anyway one bad night isn't going to stop me going out anytime soon, just felt like venting.

And ah yes, schoolyard days, certainly don't miss those! College all the way.

Ashley said...

That's genius... pure evil genius... sometimes i'm so proud of my species!!!

Anonymous said...

This is "man bashing" google it.
(all just good fun of course...)
Just that well...reverse the genders in all this there would be an uproar.

The media and colleges universities are full of feminism -promoting hatred and contempt for men. It has worked.

"That's genius... pure evil genius... sometimes i'm so proud of my species!!!"Ashley

What you experienced is the tip of an iceberg of misandry. "Spreading of Misandry in Popuar Culture" by Nathanson and Young is a book worth checking out.
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