Sunday, April 20, 2008

Exactly who are the feminists representing?

Ok, so once again a small minority of moral guardians tells us what is good for us, despite the fact that no harm is being done to anyone.

According to today’s Indo, heated protests from about 70 staff and students over a qualifier for the Miss Ireland competition held in UCD, have ensured that the college will not hold any beauty contests in the future. Well hurrah for that. Among those involved in the protest was Ailbhe Smyth (described in the paper as a "lesbian feminist lecturer), who said that, "It was a sexist money-making exercise which should not have been fostered in a university setting. It was a disgrace and that's why we protested.”

Equality Studies Professor Kathleen Lynch added that, "It is not the job of a university to promote an event like this".

Hmmm...Perhaps it is not the job of a college lecturer to dictate what events the student body can and cannot hold. Look I'm sorry but this is nonsense and has been over blown in the extreme. If some girls want to go strut their stuff on a catwalk, and if people want to watch them (you mean men like looking at pretty girls, and girls like being pretty??! *gasp*), then they can fill their boots.

Presumably, the Equality Studies professor felt that having a beauty contest discriminated against those not so beautiful, and suggested that some people are more attractive than others. Well, guess what? Some people are more attractive than others. It is unfair, but that's life; go find something worthwhile to protest about.

When will some feminists (I’m not saying all, the term is horribly vague anyway) grasp the following notions?

  • People like pretty faces; people are judged on their looks all the time. It is just the way it is. Stopping a beauty pageant is not an effective way to up heave the system (as if that could be done, and as if that would necessarily be desirable).

  • Girls like to dress up nicely and look good - perhaps they are not exactly unwilling victims?

What is it to these protesters, if there are girls projecting themselves in such a way? I thought feminism was about a woman's choice. Did anyone ask the models involved if they felt they were being exploited? I suspect not. I don't see how these feminist reactionaries are upholding women's rights whatsoever.

If I was interested in such pointless and sanctimonious preaching, I'd turn on the box and tune in to Barney the self-righteous, purple dinosaur.

So this is how it comes to pass that 70 protesters decide what is acceptable for 26,000 students to watch. Does that make sense?
We often hear about rights for minorities, but often it is these voices which speak loudest.

And of course, one can never question the legitimacy of a special interest group's cause as they'll risk verbal onslaughts which pronounce on the naysayers the labels of bigot, sexist, racist etc.

Shouldn't the majority have the say on most (if not all) issues?
What about the majority’s rights?

Marginalised voices: I can think of no more laughable a term.


Julie said...

The late,great actor Charlton Heston summed up political correctness as 'tyranny with good manners'

John Power: said...

Great quote alright. There is certainly no better way to stifle a debate or embarrass somebody in submission, than playing the old political correctness card.

lil_cain said...

Up until quite recently, "the majority" felt it was quite ok for women to not be allowed work once they were married, and for homosexuality to be illegal. Those two ok with you as well?

The majority is right seems dangerously relativistic comment for you as well...

John Power: said...

We live in a democracy, but majority or not, these feminist loonies aren't helping anyone, they are just spoiling harmless fun.
I guarantee you most women would have no problme with this show.

Come on Cian, if I go to the gym I may feel inadequate because there are stronger guys there than me. That's my problem, no one elses. Some people want this kind of egalitarian rubbish that will never, could never, and should never happen. We AREN'T equal. With work etc. fair enough, equality is fine (so long as you're up to the job!) but with looks?!!! Why can't these 'won't wax, won't shave' man-hating radicals protest about something actually offensive, horrific and sexist? Like FGM.

John Power: said...

Homosexuality etc. has nothing to do with anything. You can formulate logical responses as to wht it shouldn't be illegal.

This UCD business however, is unreasonable, stupid and fricking annoying. Wow college is like so tolerant and progressive and stuff... Utter nonsense